Our Clients

Karen Davies - Academic and Pastoral Principle, Royal Ballet School

"Hazel’s session at Inset was enjoyable, insightful and relevant on both a personal and professional level: it has already inspired several new initiates to support the students. Colleagues have been discussing what we learnt with enormous enthusiasm and we are now very much looking forward to working on the next steps with her.”


Steve Peralta - Co-founder and Chief Content Officer, Unmind

"As a company who wants to put mental health back into people's hands, Hazel's positive, proactive approach aligns perfectly with what we're about at Unmind. The learning and development content she has created for us is grounded in evidence, but more importantly, is presented in such a way that it feels like you're being guided through the process by a good friend. I look forward to collaborating with Hazel for years to come, knowing that she is driven by an authentic desire to help people live better lives."

Becky Bridson - HR Business Partner Fremantle

Becky Bridson - HR Business Partner Fremantle

"Working with Hazel is an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgable about her work and research, and she brings it to life in a very engaging and inspiring way. Our employees have really benefitted from attending her workshops and training, and we look forward to working with her much more in the future" 


Julia Upton - Headteacher, Debenham High School

"Dr Hazel Harrison manages to demystify the complex science that is psychology and mental health. Her consideration of neuroscience and an expansive knowledge of research in the area of emotional development and resilience means that her presentation is informed and evidence-based. Despite the complexity of this area Hazel manages to distil some key actions which schools and school staff can take to have a positive, proactive impact on the mental health and well-being of young people. Hazel has a manner of presentation which engages and informs. She is able to connect with people and help them to see how they can make a difference."

Jane Daly - Assistant Head (Pastoral), Bishops Stortford College

Jane Daly - Assistant Head (Pastoral), Bishops Stortford College

"Hazel's presentation 'Just stop and breathe' has inspired a large proportion of our staff to sign up to an 8 week mindfulness course with a view to later teaching mindfulness to pupils. Her style is a perfect balance of neuroscience and everyday examples which helped all of us to understand both the theory and practical application of mindfulness in real life situations. She is thoroughly engaging and everyone felt very comfortable taking part. Her aim was to make us at least 'curious' and she went above and beyond that. Staff have been talking about it all week!  Thank you once again".


Delegate - Mindfulness and Well-Being Conference April 2016 

"I just wanted to say again how useful and enjoyable I found the conference yesterday. Fantastic speakers and some really useful practical advice given. Hazel Harrison was a particular highlight." 

Suffolk Business Hub - "Well-being At Work"

Delegates Feedback:

"I thought the speaker was excellent, she was enthusiastic and knowledgeable giving us applicable strategies based on research. Her manner communicated her message and engaged the audience."

"Superb, making the complex easy to understand and superb take always you can act on immediately."

"Very compelling, I could have sat and listened for hours!"

Sue Sparks - HR Business Partner, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Mid and North Anglia Branch)

“Hazel presented a fascinating session at our CIPD Branch event on The Science of Wellbeing. She was an excellent, highly knowledgeable speaker who kept the audience engaged throughout. I would thoroughly recommend her talks as she has a very easy way of explaining the subject”

Gordon Simpson - Director, Howes Percival

"Hazel delivered a really engaging and informative session on Wellbeing at Work for our Business Breakfast. The topic prompted plenty of group discussion and excellent feedback from our guests. I have recommended Hazel as a speaker to other contacts since."


Naomi Lockwood - Head of Organisational Development, NAPP

“Dr Harrison worked in partnership with us to design and deliver a fantastic session at our annual company meeting, about resourcefulness.  Hazel worked with us to understand our needs, and asked thoughtful questions to really get alongside what we were hoping to achieve.  Her facilitation style is inclusive, well paced and flexible which suited our diverse workforce. I strongly recommend Hazel for development inputs relating to wellbeing generally and resilience and resourcefulness specifically.”


Katie Lawson - Founder of Huddl

“Thank you so much for your brilliant talk on Tuesday night, you were outstanding and we have had such fantastic feedback on your talk. You were incredibly professional, insightful and we all learnt so much relevant and practical information / advice from your talk – it was spot on!”


Pete Last - Headteacher, Kingsley School, Bideford

"Hazel’s keynote presentation was firmly rooted in the most recent research into neuroscience, brain plasticity and psychological studies relating to well-being and growth mindset. Her delivery was clear, concise and stimulated lots of very interesting discussions in breakout sessions. I would thoroughly recommend her as a keynote speaker/workshop facilitator both to individual schools for staff INSET and to larger groups."

Frances Barker - Chairman of the Suffolk HR Forum

Frances Barker - Chairman of the Suffolk HR Forum

"I want to thank you so much for today.  It was really engaging, just the right pitch for your audience, intellectually accessible, commercially aware, and with immediate personal and organisational application.    It is a pleasure to see a good public presenter in action.  With the mixture of research knowledge, practice and passionate belief, and the ability to communicate the very relevant message, you have found your niche."


Karen Webb - Learning and Development Manager, Birketts

"Excellent session on stress. Informative, interactive and engaging. I would recommend Hazel highly as an expert who can deliver very relevant and dynamic sessions using research, clinical studies and the power of storytelling." 


George Chittock-Nash - Director of Curriculum, One

"We were all so impressed by your presentation today, not just the content, which was superb, but by the calm and engaging way in which you you explained what it is to be positive."



Mary Graham - Director, Yellobelly

"Listening to Hazel present is like watching a TED talk but with the chance to ask questions."

Stephen Flurrie - Head of Learning and Development, East of England CO-OP

“The ‘Time to Thrive’ session that Hazel delivered to our senior management team has been a great success. People loved the style of delivery and really connected with Hazel throughout the day. The content was people focussed at the same time as showing the commercial benefit of improving peoples mental health. We are looking forward to working with Hazel in the future.”

EACH Master logo.jpg

Dr Linda Maynard - Consultant Nurse Children’s Palliative Care, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

“Hazel came into EACH to help us think about how we might improve our strategy for Staff Wellbeing. Hazel’s creative ideas and inspirational approach provided the platform we were looking for. The EACH Strategic Leadership Team found Hazel to be professional, articulate, thought provoking and easy to work with. Her project report captured the uniqueness of our organisation and gave us many constructive ideas to take forward.”

Clive Rickart - General Secretary Society of Heads

Clive Rickart - General Secretary Society of Heads

"Thank you so much for making such a wonderful contribution to the Society of Heads Conference. Your presentation was truly outstanding and the way you engaged with the theme of the conference and interacted with the delegates was exceptional."

Dr Kevin Magill - Deputy Head, Reading Blue Coat School

Dr Kevin Magill - Deputy Head, Reading Blue Coat School

“Hazel attended our school on a crisp January day to deliver her signature ‘Positive Schools’ training to 160 staff (teaching and non-teaching). Having had several discussions with Hazel before her arrival about the content and format for the training, I had every confidence that it would work. It’s an understatement to say that it worked – I have never had so much positive feedback from colleagues during and after a training day. Hazel is incredibly engaging and she speaks to teachers with brilliant insight, humour and the greatest respect. In fact, Hazel is a wonderful teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough for any schools thinking about engaging their community in both staff and pupil wellbeing”.


Ruth Sadler - HR Director, West Suffolk College

"Hazel’s delivery of Emotional Resilience training and Emotional Refuelling workshops to our employees was invaluable and exceptionally well received.  She manages to combine absolute credibility with a thoroughly engaging and relatable approach and addresses complex topics such as mental health with sensitivity and humour.  The messages resonated with, and inspired, our attendees and Hazel will most certainly be back at WSC in future by popular demand!"


Pete Smith, Strategic Lead - Farlingaye & Kesgrave Teaching School Alliance

“The mark of any good CPD is that it has an impact in the classroom at a future date.  What made Hazel’s session great was it not only did this, but also encouraged wider reflection for our delegates on their wider professional and personal lives.  Our delegates were able to take away key actions schools in order thatthey can make a positive, proactive impact on the mental health and well-being of young people. We look forward to working with Hazel in the future offering further opportunities for teachers across Suffolk."



Dr Andy Sievewright - Headteacher, Farlingaye High School

Dr Andy Sievewright - Headteacher, Farlingaye High School

"Dr Hazel Harrison recently gave an excellent presentation to all staff at Farlingaye, and conducted very interesting and constructive follow-up workshops for groups of staff. These sessions formed a crucial part of a whole-school CPD day focused on building a healthy and positive emotional landscape within the Farlingaye community.

Dr Harrison's input was very well-received by our staff, who commented enthusiastically on her ability to demystify students' emotional and psychological development, and to empower us to support that development in a positive way. Dr Harrison's contribution was the cornerstone of an inspiring and valuable day. We very much hope to work with her again."