For children to thrive at school, they need to learn in an environment that cares for their whole well-being, not just their academic success. More and more schools are now realising the potential of bringing a philosophy of well-being into daily school life. 

ThinkAvellana offers a variety of opportunities for your school to enhance pastoral care and encourage students to develop happy, healthy minds. 

Keynote Presentations

Dr Hazel Harrison (Clinical Psychologist and founder of ThinkAvellana) can address your school on a number of inspiring topics. Sharing the latest research in novel and engaging ways, her keynote presentations include:

  • "Surviving or thriving the teenage years" - What's going on in the teenage brain? And how can we help young people to thrive through adolescence?
  • "Positive Schools" - How can positive psychology enhance happiness and success in your school?
  • "Just stop and breathe" - What is mindfulness and how can it benefit you and your school?

If you'd like Dr Harrison to talk at your school, please get in touch -

Training for staff

We offer training for staff on mental health and well-being topics, including:

  • Building resilience and enhancing happiness
  • Promoting mindfulness in the classroom
  • Early warning signs of mental health problems
  • Attachment in the classroom

We also provide bespoke training packages if you have a particular topic you’d like your staff to focus on.  

Consultations for staff 

You can use our consultation sessions to draw on our psychological knowledge to enable creative problem solving. 

To ask ThinkAvellana for training or consultation at your school, contact -


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